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November, 2015
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I won't crawl on my knees for you
I won't believe the lies that hide the truth
I won't sweat one more drop for you
'Cause we are the rust upon your gears
We are the insect in your ears
Rise Against Re Education (Through Labor)

A very basic H&P entry application. I wrote it to simplify preparing reports when taking H&Ps in medical school. Does not currently save any data, but I am considering a full application that could compete with the other commercial solutions out there.


Graphical Turing test. Uses a simple text database to match up a 10 digit session id to a 7 digit key, both of which are random and have no necessary relation to one another, therefore one cannot be guessed by knowing the other. It is displayed as a graphic that any normal sighted human may read, but should be unreadable by computers. I will be adding more so that it should make it harder for computers to understand it and maintain human readability, also, I will be adding the source.

Not a full program, but a bookmarklet. google movies

Again, a javascript bookmarklet, view-source. Does not test for whether the url is well-formed 'cause I use extensionless urls, but does check that you enter something.

And the always popular, iDayv

The websites I have written, besides this one, which may or may not be still active:

  • Compass Rose quintet defunct
  • The Dada Beat defunct
  • BioChem Website defunct
    • the website had nothing to do with the biochemistry class, but she made everybody write one anyways. Most everybody had trouble even though they were using a graphical editor (Nvu), which makes editing HTML simpler than shit, and were able to post raw MS DOC files on their sites... Update: This site no longer exists because I do not go to the school anymore.

They all have some sort of charm to me. I did do the initial design and all of the HTMLing, but there was quite a bit of input from non-technical and non-design types, so do not hold that against me. All in all, I have written hundreds of HTML pages but many of them have ceased to exist. Eventually, I may scrounge up some of the other pages for everybody to view and gawk at.

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