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April, 2015
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In 1890 the US Congress wanted to extend the census to collect exhaustive demographic information on each citizen that could be resold to marketing companies to help pay for the newly installed gold-plated toilets on Capitol Hill. Experts estimated that the 1890 Census wouldn't be completed until 1900. It was hoped that an electronic tabulating machine using punchcards designed by Herman Hollerith would speed up the process.
It didn't quite work out that way. An infestation of termites ate their way through the wooden base of Hollerith's machines, and then a wave of insects devoured several stacks of punchcards. Also, some Hollerith models had the propensity to crash at the drop of a hat... literally. In one instance, the operator dropped his hat and when he reached down to pick it up, he bumped the machine, causing it to flip over and crash. These flaws meant that the census was delayed for several years. However, the system was, in the words of one newspaper reporter, "good enough for government work", a guiding principle that lives on to this very day and explains the government's insistence on using Windows-based PCs.
Brief History Of Linux (#8), Let's all holler for Hollerith

Well, here are the drawings that I have scanned as of yet...

a drawing of mcclucky
a drawing of binxxx

This one will be a little difficult. I originally had a picture taken at work with a few people who I did not want to hang on my wall, if you will. So, I had to remove them from the photos. I drew a picture and pasted them on top of the photo. Since I am such a good artist, you may not be able to figure out who was originally in the photos and whom I drew in.

a drawing from work

This is the second photo like before. Again, I challenge you to determine who I actually drew in.

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