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October, 2015
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In universities, mathematics is taught mainly to men who are going to teach mathematics to men who are going to teach mathematics to.... Sometimes, it is true, there is an escape from this treadmill. Archimedes used mathematics to kill Romans, Galileo to improve the Grand Duke of Tuscany's artillery, modern physicists
grown more ambitiousto exterminate the human race. It is usually on this account that the study of mathematics is commended to the general public as worthy of State support. (Bertrand Russell)
Version history:
3.0β… Site broken again, nearly finished working with the jewman to porting it to PHP
2.8… Again, broke the site and fixed it. Added an expiration time, 60 seconds, to lock files.
2.7… The site works again. For now, at least. If there are still any problems contact me
2.6… its been just about forever since i have updated the version history, yet i have added a ton of stuff, so i think that it deserves an additional .1 at the very least.
2.5… changed the picture page, no more slide shows, but a lil better, i think..
2.4… i added a whole load of stuff, but have not updated the version history as I should have.
2.3… updated variable replace again, doesn't eval each time, just once for each page render.
2.2… again revamped the variable replace alg. slide show is now completely server-side, no need for javascript. prolly will put up a js version in the future. need to add some error handling in
2.1… changed colors to better accomodate palm viewing at work. revamped the algorithm to replace variables in template files. added fortune at beginning of main page, a lil gay, but quick to write… still need more quotations to put there.
2.0… made a single framed site, began to make the site more friendly to non-javascript browsers and a couple of minor cosmetic and background changes
1.0… initial
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